“Looks like a pretty regular day,” Meg told me as I walked into the office and tossed my coat on the back of my chair. “The business party from Japan left early this morning, and the rooms have been cleaned. Standard set from the airport tonight, though most are scheduled for late check-in. The guy in 312 rang for extra towels. Would you mind running them up so I can finish my reports?”

I didn’t know what a typical day shift was like at the hotel. I was used to the night shift but had asked Meg to switch with me the night before, so I could go on a date with a guy who chatted me up in the grocery store. The date had quickly gone south, but that wasn’t her fault. I’d come in extra early to thank her for switching. Running up guest requests wasn’t a hassle, but it did take time away from the necessary paperwork we had to complete before finishing our shift. It was the least I could do. I pulled some towels out from the stash we kept behind the desk and grabbed the laundry keys from my desk drawer so I could replenish them when I returned.

“312?” I questioned, certain I had misheard her. The hotel was nowhere near the capacity we usually needed to open that wing.

Meg nodded. There was an odd sort of grin on her face. “He’s a frequent guest and requested his regular room.” As a boutique hotel near the airport, we had a few business people who made us a regular stop. The owners had told us to accommodate room requests whenever possible.   You can thank me later,” Meg called as I walked out. I didn’t bother to stop to ask what she meant.

A few minutes later I stood at the farthest end of one of the lesser used wings. I raised my hand to knock on the door marked 312 when it swung open revealing a lush little ginger with a cheeky smile and mischievous grey eyes. She was wearing nothing but her knickers and a tailored pink button up. Meg wasn’t the type to play practical jokes, but this wasn’t the gentleman that had called for towels. I could feel my cheeks flush as an apology tried to form itself on my suddenly parched mouth. She took the towels from me, put a finger to her lips, and gave me a wink. Before I could ask what was going on, she set the towels on the floor and walked into the room leaving the door more than slightly ajar. 

From the hallway, I could see most of the room, including the bed and the window. Standing beside the window, sunlight highlighting his lovely face, waited the man Meg mentioned. I could see why she was impressed. He was well fit with gorgeous dark skin and chiselled muscles that were evident even through the business shirt he wore. He too had shed his trousers, but it didn’t seem to bother him that he was standing exposed in front of an uncovered window. The petite ginger girl looked like a porcelain doll as she made her way toward him with dancer-like grace. If he had given me a smile he gave her, my knickers would have fallen right off.

I reached for the door to shut it on what was apparently about to be an intimate moment, but then I heard her announce, “Antonio, we have an audience.” Arousal dripped from her voice. It was suddenly apparent to me that I had been called for much more than a towel delivery. If Meg knew this frequent guest, I wondered if she had been called up like this before. I could pretend I struggled with the decision whether or not to stay, but I didn’t. After all, it was my job to give guests an excellent service. Who was I to deny them if they wanted me to watch what I was certain would be fucking fantastic sex?

Antonio didn’t respond with words. His strong hands caressed her face as he pulled her into a kiss that made her moan into his mouth. I could tell they knew each other’s bodies well, but it seemed clear that they had been separated for some time. There was an intensity to the way their hands roamed, something reminiscent of university sweethearts but less rushed. The sly smiles and knowing looks they exchanged said they planned to savour their experience and give me a fantastic show.

The ginger’s unbuttoned shirt exposed round pert little mounds with nipples ready for Antonio to pinch and tease as they continued kissing. “You are brilliant, Ella,” I heard him murmur as he ran a hand up into her ponytail and kissed her again. She responded by unbuttoning his shirt. Her creamy hands dancing across the rich perfection of his dark chest was almost pornographic. I moaned in spite of my efforts to remain a silent observer, making her smile brightly as he sucked on her neck and palmed her cut bottom.

The excitement was written on her face as she dipped to her knees to kiss him once on his pants. The constrictive clothing became quickly removed. His beautifully thick shaft appeared for only a second before she hungrily took it in her mouth. Her eyes remained on his face as she pleasured him. I couldn’t blame her. Antonio went from handsome to divinely perfect when ecstasy washed over his features. I could hardly decide which one of them to watch as my hand casually moved to massage my breast.

At some point, Antonio lost his shirt. I’m not sure exactly when, because I’d been mesmerised by the enthusiasm with which Ella moved her mouth around his massive cock. The way she licked up and down the shaft, teased the tip with her tongue, leaned in to take his thrusts, and followed him as he pulled back out made it clear she relished the taste of him. For his part, Antonio watched her as if he worshipped his little doll.

As if he heard my thoughts, he reached down to Ella, taking both her hands to help her rise. He pressed his lips to hers as he removed her shirt then kissed his way down her tummy as he helped her slip off her pretty pink lace knickers. There was a tattoo just above her labia. The detail seemed both appropriate and entirely at odds with the delicate perfection of the petite woman.

Antonio lifted Ella, and her legs slid around his waist. Seeing his cock framed by her tight little ass as he carried her to the bed made me ache to join them. My clit throbbed in protest when I maintained my position as strictly a voyeur.  

His muscular body towered over her petite form as he spread her out on the bed like a banquet to feast upon. The second his tongue touched her, Ella’s entire body shuddered. Her head dropped back upon the mattress as she moaned. For a few brief moments, Antonio’s hands massaged her breasts. Then, they moved back to pin her legs down, so she had no escape from his mouth. Not that any woman in her right mind would have wanted out of the situation Ella found herself. She was panting and giggling when his fingers began sliding in and out of her pale pussy. The scene made me lose my resolve to remain impassive. Reaching my fingers down into my trousers, I began slowly rubbing my aching clit. 

Antonio’s focus was intense; his need to pleasure her almost feral. When he finally came up, I expected him to be mad with need, but he took his time running his cock over her glistening folds before entering. Even then, he gently stretched her with slow thrusts as if he was afraid he might break her. The indescribable pleasure of this action was evident on his face, and her gaze was locked upon him.

His hips swivelled when he bent forward to bite at her pink nipple. Uninhibited moans filled the room, punctuated by every thrust. I circled my clit in time to their cries. The sounds of their love became a soundtrack etched in my memory like the grooves of a record. I imagined it was me he fell upon as he crushed her into the mattress. I yearned for her sweet lips to demand reciprocation from mine the way they did to his.

Without warning, he lifted her tiny body, sliding her further onto the mattress and flipping her. The movement offered me a perfect view of her swollen pussy lips and pierced clit hood. Silver jewellery glittered in the sunlight as his arm braced against her upper leg and his cock slid balls deep inside her. Their hands entwined above her head. With her other hand, she clutched the arm that held her spread for him. The air practically sizzled as they locked focus on each other, fighting against the waves of pleasure and the natural urge to let their eyes closed as they savoured the sensations. 

I, myself, couldn’t tear my gaze away. My body had slipped down the wall I braced. I’d moved beyond just circling my clit. I was now furiously dipping my fingers in and out of my pussy. The smell of sex was heavy in the hallway, but I didn’t care. My free hand squeezed my breast over my work shirt. 

I nearly cried in frustration when Ella climaxed. Antonio’s fist became tangled in her hair and his cock buried inside of her. There was another passionate kiss. Then, Antonio turned her further and began thrusting madly. Certain he would cum quickly, and my show would end, I whimpered. To my surprise, he released her, and Ella climbed above him. She began grinding and thrusting with all her might as his hands played across her body. Finally, they settled on her hips, and his thick fingers gripped her ass, urging her body to adapt to the rhythm he required. 

“Yes, baby,” he murmured, looking into her face.

I was so close to cumming I could barely sense anything else. I needed a release. Badly. Antonio rolled, pinned Ella beneath him and began pounding her so desperately that his balls slapped against her glistening slit. It was overtly dominant yet not demanding. It was raw, sexual, and so visually overwhelming that I finally came. Hard.

I heard rather than saw Antonio finish. There was an intense increase in the rhythm of their slapping hips. Ella moaned, and Antonio echoed her with a cry that was gloriously animalistic. I envied them their vocalisations while I was restricted to quietly panting in the hallway. I envied Ella the intense fuck session she must regularly enjoy with this sex god. I envied Meg that she knew of their meetings and had been in the building while they happened. Thinking about what had gone on here would fuel my fantasies for quite a while.

As the couple cuddled on the bed, lost in their post-coital bliss, I considered my next move. Should I say something? Would it draw attention if I closed the door? Was it best to walk away? I was wrapped up in my thoughts that it took a moment to realise Antonio was standing next to the open door, covering himself with one of the towels I had brought earlier. Another slung across his shoulder.

“Did you enjoy the show?” he asked. His voice was like melted caramel, creamy and delicious. I could barely pull my wits together to nod.

Ella slid up to Antonio’s side and wrapped her arms around his massive torso. She was looking down at me with a mix of what seemed to be amusement and excitement. “It took Meg forever to stick around and watch us,” she murmured. I couldn’t tell if she was talking to him or me.

“And she never faps while we go at it.” He reached down to help me up from the floor, taking my cum  – Fsoaked hands before tenderly wiping them with the towel that had been on his shoulder. “Maybe you’d like to join us next time?”

I think I nodded. I know I smiled. In my head, I thanked Meg. 312 had just become my favourite room.  

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