The Husband’s Tale

So here I am about to watch my gorgeous wife have sex with a colleague from work.

Yes, I know, it doesn’t sound possible.  But, believe me, it absolutely is.

She’s just a metre or two away from me and as she glances at me we exchange mischievous smiles.

This grinning woman is the one who brings me tea in bed most mornings.  This is the woman who pledged to forsake all others – for me – just three years ago.  This is the woman who likes a hot chocolate and a hug, with me – of course, while watching a romantic film on rainy Sunday afternoons.

And this cuddly, charming, caring and very cute woman – my wife – is about to take another man’s prick into her mouth.

I can hardly contain my excitement.  I feel as if I am super-charged with electricity.  The anticipation is delicious. Let’s face it – what could be hornier than see your very own, beautiful wife fuck another guy?  I expected to feel this. But what I didn’t expect was how my view of my wife would change, now that we are on the brink of this most intimate act of sharing.

She looks different to me right now.  I only experience her having sex close up.  Very close up.  So I never get to see her as I do now, kneeling down, on the brink of a sexual act, with someone else.   And I have never seen her handle another cock before.  It is fucking amazing to see her holding another guy’s member, mouth open and about to lick it, which she does just now.  My cock is pulsing and I have never had so much pre-come in my life.  There is a constant trickle running down my shaft and over my fingers. Yes, of course, I am already wanking, even though she has not really started.  I had hoped to wait a bit before pulling my cock out, but I just couldn’t.

But my wife doesn’t just look different, I sense that she is different.  She went down on him just then in a way she has never done with me.  She nibbled on his cock while it was still in his boxers. That’s a first. With me, she would take me straight into her mouth. She’d suck me for a while and then roll her tongue around my glans. But now she is spending ages teasing his prick. She licks it so lightly, then runs her tongue from the base of his shaft right up to his helmet. That must be heavenly.  Lucky guy.

I also can’t help noticing that his cock is pretty big.  I’ve always been pretty confident in the prick department up to now.  But I now have a tiny doubt.  I look down at my own member to check – yes, I think I measure up.

In fact, if I am honest, I’m just a touch jealous that he is the one about to be fucked by my wife right now and not me.  What adds a worrying edge to all this is that she is definitely enjoying it so far.  She seems to be delighting in her teasing, and he is, quite clearly, enjoying every lick and every suck.  But thankfully, I hold back and say nothing.  It’s his turn. That’s what we all agreed.

Now she moves on.  She has finished giving him the most amazing blowjob she has surely ever given, and I think she is about to take him into her pussy.  This beautiful, tight, smooth pussy which – until right now – was just used to accommodating my cock and mine alone, is about to be shared. It’s as we agreed on it, so I shouldn’t have any second thoughts, but I guess I do have a few.

I’m sure you are a bit puzzled by all this and it really needs some explanation.  But perhaps it’s best if you hear it from her, as it was her idea after all…

The Wife’s Tale

So here I am sucking the cock of one of my husband’s colleagues while he watches from the armchair. In a moment I am going to stop, guide his prick inside me and ride him.

He’s probably told you that all this was my idea. Well, there’s more than a grain of truth in that. It was me who made the first move with his work buddy.  It was me who talked him through every step of the scenario we are now in.  It was me who checked that everything was fine with this new partner and secured his buy-in.  And it is me who is in the driving seat, right now.

My husband is watching my every move, and by the moisture that is flowing from his cock I know that he is enjoying it.

For sure – it’s just as much his project as mine.  He’s been talking about watching me with another guy even before we got married.  He usually mentioned it during foreplay.  It turns him on, and he also knows that it turns me on. More recently he has talked about it when we’ve been in the car, or when having a drink at the pub.  He even asked me which guys I fancied when we were at a restaurant, just after he’d brought up the topic up.

It was his idea to invite me to one of his work drinks do in the hope that I might latch on to a new member of staff.  It was he who introduced us, got us both drinks and left us to chat while he talked to others.

Then it was he who suggested that we meet up with this guy again, a few weeks later, and have another drink with him and very, very gently sound him out.

Moreover, it was he who suggested I got some new lingerie for the occasion.  That’s what I’m in right now.

But the blindfold was both our idea.  We thought it might make it easier for all of us.  There would be no awkward looks.  My new lover could just sit there and I would be the one who could take control right from the start.

And I really do feel in control. But I feel more than that. I feel very different.  Having my husband’s permission to have sex with someone new gives me the green light to be someone new, too.  So I have a licence to get in touch with that wild side within.  And handling a totally new prick while my husband watches feels very wild indeed.

Playing a teasing game with this new, lovely, silky cock is new. It’s fun, too.  Simply touching it as lightly as I can with my tongue seems to turn everyone on.  Licking and sucking is one thing, but it’s not enough for me. I yearn to be penetrated.  So I stand up, turn my back on my new lover and then lower myself on to his member.

As this new cock slides into me I feel amazing.  I feel new contours, new textures, and a new tightness.  I just hope I feel this good to him.

But only he can tell you what I was really like…

The Other Man’s Tale

So, there I was sitting on a sofa, wearing eye-patches in a colleague’s flat while his very hot wife (who I would later discover was wearing nothing but a basque and stockings) walked past and draped part of her silk gown over me. I remember her perfume so clearly.  They say that scent leaves the strongest of memories, and this moment – and the following half hour – was something I will never, ever forget.

I guess you’ve been told that it was their idea.  They asked me to meet them both for a drink (I did think it a bit that it was me and both of them).  They made the approach and raised the idea of having sex together and they talked me through what we might do together.

But it’s not quite so simple as that and I like to think that I’m partly responsible, too.  Let’s say that there was a bit of ‘nudging’ from me throughout.

I guess it all started when I noticed her photo on his desk.  She looked lovely – with her shoulder length blonde hair, a slight tan and a dazzling bikini.  And her smile was something else. Apparently, it was a holiday snap from a trip to Greece and she looked amazing.

Perhaps I stared at the photo a bit too long, because he said something and I simply made light of it all by saying that she looked fantastic (I think I actually said ‘hot’) and he was a lucky bloke.

Later, at a work do, I managed to sneak a bit of time with her alone.  I suggested her husband got the drinks in, knowing that there was a big wait at the bar.  And when the conversation drifted on to matters sexual I sure let it linger there.

So when we met again – as a three – I only had to drop a few comments and we picked up where his wife and I left off. Only now it was a three-way conversation.  At the end of which we agreed on what we might to together and then it was just a matter of sorting out a time and a place.

When I got to their flat a few evenings later, they put this blindfold on me right at the start and they ushered me into a room and sat me down on a sofa.  A few minutes later I felt this silk material and smelt her perfume.  Then she started to hover around my cock and it grew rigid at her first nibble.

Things tended to move so fast and I am not sure I can remember everything.  I seem to recall that after playing with me in my boxers for what seemed like ages, she pulled me out and gave me the sweetest and most delicate of blowjobs.  I sensed that she knew I really wanted to fuck her, and so when she turned around and rubbed her arse up and down my cock I could hardly contain myself.  When she finally lowered herself on to me and started to ride me I almost lost it. I had to check myself as I could feel the early signs of ejaculation building in my groin.

It was sometime later in our session that we actually kissed and that was when she took my mask off and that was when I saw that sensational smile of hers.  That really did it and I seemed to take over for a bit and remember thrusting from above her and then taking her from behind.

But I do recall that she ended up on top of me – back in charge.  I remember coming when I was on my back and my spunk dripping on to my balls.  And this is the amazing bit – though I appreciated that we were being watched, I hadn’t expected him to come over and join in so soon.  In fact, one of the first things he did was go down on her – just after I had come in her pussy?

And you know, watching the two of them – husband and wife – make love right next to me on the sofa was so amazing that within fifteen minutes I was hard again.

It really was a tale worth re-telling.

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